Angie Riley APRN

Ms. Angie Riley, APRN, is a self-proclaimed “Southern Gal,” having been born in Eudora, Mississippi. She was awarded her Associate’s Degree from Excelsior University in 2015, attending their Nursing Program. Ms. Angie wasted no time before joining the workforce, starting at the Wekiva Springs Center Inpatient Facility in 2016. She continued working there, full time, for 7 years as she continued her education.

She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Walden University in 2018. After doing her internship at Riverpoint Behavioral Health, she was also awarded her Master’s Degree and Nurse Practitioner’ license from the same university in 2022. 

When asked what she enjoys most about her job, Ms. Angie replied “seeing lives changed.” When asked about her approach to helping her patients, she stressed that she believes in the individual. “There is no One Size Fits All.” She structures her treatment around each patient’s personal history and experience. She also mentioned how important it is that patients don’t rely on medication alone. “Medicine and therapy work hand in hand.”

Ms. Angie has been an irreplaceable addition to our Medication Management team from the second she started; she goes above and beyond to truly listen to her patients and work with them to reach the best solutions possible. You can trust her to find the best answers for any problem you might have.