Joseph Johnson

Joseph Johnson was born in Los Angeles, California. He moved to Pensacola, Florida to start a boxing career with his cousin, Roy Jones Jr. He has two college-aged daughters and is very opinionated regarding the subject of friendship, family values, and self-happiness.


His passions in life are traveling, running his own business as a fitness trainer, and spending as much time with family as possible. He decided to take online classes at Axia College to further his education and to build a better resume. 


In addition to working as a therapist at Social Care Services, Joseph is a professional boxer with ten years’ experience, a counselor for underprivileged children at a local boy’s home and center, a psychiatric evaluator for UF Health, and a volunteer guest speaker for kids at various schools discussing peer pressure, the ups and downs of life, and goal setting.  

Joseph chose the sport of boxing because of the difficult labor and physical aspect as well as the mental challenges associated with the sport. He makes sure to inspire the same work ethic, moral compass. and courage in his patients.


While he specializes in adolescents and children, he also offers couples counselling as well as adult therapy. 


Joseph is in our Southside Office Mon- Tue, in our Orange Park Office Wed- Fri.

Joseph Johnson