Kai Hutson

Kai Hutson is the Clinical Coordinator with Social Care Services, as well as a mental health counselor.  She graduated with a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in November of 2021 from Walden University.  With her degree, she also gained a specialization in treating addiction.  Kai completed her internship in mental health counseling with Children’s Home Society from March of 2021 through November 2021.  During her time in her internship, she counseled patients from the age of 9-45, and gained experience in counseling with a variety of issues, including anxiety, Depression, OCD, and PTSD.  She also led a counseling group that helped children ages 9-12 deal with divorce and the challenges that come along with that.


Kai has been counseling with Social Care Services since February of 2022. She has counseled clients from the age of 6-74, gaining experience in a variety of issues including oppositional defiance, anxiety, depression, PTSD, self-esteem, and intrusive thoughts.  Kai became a counselor after she received counseling herself, and the impact that it made on her life inspired her to want to help people in the same way that she was helped.  If she is able to help one person in the same way that she was helped, then this career is worth it to her. 


Kai uses a Strengths-Based approach, combined with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  Her goal as a counselor is to help her patients manage the curveballs that life often throws us with the help of coping skills and a positive outlook.  


Kai is not currently accepting new patients.